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First year CLUB, not first year COACHES

Corinne Hamer and Cayla Kapelke are excited to introduce Infinity Volleyball to the area!
Corinne and Cayla have a combined 25+ years of coaching.
We have been working toward this goal for a while and are truly happy and blessed to be where we are now.

Corinne Hamer

Corinne Hamer

Owner/Director/17-1 head coach/CYL 7th head coach/developmental coach

Phone: 303-868-1025

About Corinne

Corinne has played volleyball for 19 years- all 4 years in high school at Standley Lake, 3 years of college club at UNC, and continues to play in adult leagues. This will be Corinne's 14th year coaching volleyball. She also has experience coaching youth track and field.

Corinne is a PE and Health teacher and is in her 4th year at Thornton High School. 

Volleyball is her favorite sport and -Owning and directing a volleyball club has been a dream of hers for a long time, and she is beyond excited that it is finally a reality. Volleyball is her passion in life outside of her family. Corinne is married with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 chickens.

Cayla Kapelke

Cayla Kapelke

Owner/Director/16-1 head coach/CYL 8th head coach

Phone: 303-847-6108

About Cayla

Cayla started playing volleyball 22 years ago when she was in middle school and continued to play through high school & some club; and in adult leagues when she can find the time. Cayla has been coaching for 12 years- 7 of which were for high school/club volleyball. She also has experience coaching youth volleyball and youth soccer.

Cayla believes volleyball is a forever-changing sport and loves to continually extend her knowledge and pass it on to her athletes. Helping young athletes grow confidence is something she loves about coaching. Cayla is married and a mom to 3 boys, 1 dog, and 4 chickens. She is a stay-at-home mom.

Cayla is thrilled that we are finally able to get our own volleyball club up and running. This is a dream come true!

How to contact coaches or directors

The best way to contact the directors or coaches is through their emails.
Please allow for up to 24 business hours to receive a response.
Thank you!

Other Staff/Coaches

We take pride in the fact that our coaches are certified in concussion training, mental health awareness, safe sport training, and more.

Taylynn Martinez

Taylynn Martinez

Assistant Coach 17-1

About Taylynn

Coach Taylynn grew up in Denver and has had a passion for the sport of volleyball since she first picked up a ball. She began playing in middle school and continued throughout her high school career as a starting setter. After playing as the starting Defensive Specialist on a college team in Boston MA, her time on the court was cut short due to an injury. Taking a break from the sport, she then decided to return to her hometown and continue her education to pursue a career in the dental field. However, she is now part of multiple women’s and coed leagues around the state and still plays 3-4 times a week. Still having just as much fun and getting the same feeling of excitement as she did from day one. 

This will be her second year of coaching and she is beyond ecstatic to be a part of the Infinity Volleyball coaching staff. She enjoys just being around the game and looks back fondly on her coaches throughout her volleyball experience and still uses everything she learned from them to continue to become a better player and keep that love for the game. She hopes to make the same impact on the gifted young athletes that come into this program and looks forward to seeing their growth and to be a part of their volleyball journey.

Martin Barbosa

Martin Barbosa

Assistant Coach 16-1/ CYL 6th head coach

About Martin

Martin has been playing volleyball for the past 8 years. Starting at Calabasas High School in Los Angeles as a Freshman. He played three years on the varsity team, and in his senior year the team made the Southern California Regional finals and the State semi-finals.

He also played with the Santa Monica Beach Club from his Freshman to his Senior year, winning a Bronze medal at Junior Nationals in the Open division his Junior year of high school. He also played with the  Southern California (SCVA) regional team at the High Performance Championships in Ft. Lauderdale in the summer of 2016, with SCVA winning the tournament.

Following high school, attended the University of St. Andrews in the United Kingdom, and played with the men's Varsity team, winning the Scottish Beach Championship in his 2nd year. St. Andrews was 2nd the BUCS Sottish League his 1st year, and runners up in the SSS Cup his 1st and 2nd years.

Martin is looking forward to working with Infinity and helping the excellent foundation that the club has set.

Amber Carroll

Amber Carroll

Head Coach 18-1 and Conditioning Coach

About Amber

Amber has been playing volleyball for 12+ years and can regularly be found at various drop-ins around Denver. After high school her passion for volleyball continued and always remained a priority in her life. Sharing her passion for volleyball and other sports is what drove her to coach volleyball, gymnastics, and eventually become a personal trainer.

This upcoming season will be Amber's 4th year coaching volleyball and she couldn't be more excited to be a part of a fresh club that is eager to focus on the athletes. She believes in the importance of a coach's support and wants to show these athletes that they can accomplish anything, on or off the court.

Sara Carroll

Sara Carroll

Assistant Coach 18-1

About Sara

Sara was born and raised in Lakewood Colorado. She has been playing volleyball for 10 years, starting out when she was 12 in middle school. Playing throughout high school and club, and continuing to practice and play at local drop in facilities. Even not playing with a team she was able to continue practicing and finding a joy for the sport.

Having coached a 15s Club team in the past with her head coach Amber Carroll, she developed a passion for coaching young athletes to help them find a passion for the sport.

Sara is also a part time student at Red Rocks Community College and will graduate fall 2021. Before her time as a coach she worked with animals as a veterinary technician for six years in Denver. Sara is very passionate about helping animals as well as coaching volleyball.

Naj Stokes

Naj Stokes

Head Coach 16-2

About Naj

Coach Naj has been in the game as long as she was able to play. She started playing for Denver Parks and Recreation when she was 10, and continued all through Graduating from South High school.

She then began her coaching career as a side gig in college for both of those institutions (DPR for 15 years). Coach Naj coached for both East High, and a Club team at George Washington HS, before taking a break back in 2017, to focus on being a teacher before deciding she loved coaching too much to stay away for too long!

Christina Ferrer

Christina Ferrer

Assistant Coach 16-2

About Christina

Christina "Stina" started playing sports around the age of 10. She played sports such as softball, soccer, basketball, swimming, track and VOLLEYBALL. Played majority of those sports through middle school and high school. Also has played indoor and beach style volleyball on her own time.

Stina coached volleyball for the City of Westminster for about 3 months and then transferred to the City of Thornton to work in the Recreation department. She has also coached softball, soccer, basketball, swimming, and volleyball.

Christina joined The Courts in May 2021 as a facility manager and met the Infinity coaches and instantly vibed with Corinne and Cayla. It's been great since then.

Christina also enjoys traveling, family time, movies, and reading books. She likes to do arts and crafts and play with makeup. She can’t wait to start a new adventure and create new bonds with all of you!

Jodie Harper

Jodie Harper

Head Coach 15-1

About Jodie

Jodie has been playing volleyball since the age of 7. Throughout her volleyball journey she has played Youth, Club, Varsity all 4 year of High school, College competitive and intermural, and continues to play on adult leagues today. This will be Jodie’s 13th year of coaching competitive high school ball. She is the former Head Coach at Northglenn high School, JV head at Adams City High School and Sudden Impact Volleyball Club ages 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

Her primary mission is to encourage the development of skills and techniques necessary for high school athletes to compete at a high level in the game of volleyball. She will focus on the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of all players. She will utilize the sport of volleyball to teach lifelong lessons to her athletes (leadership, teamwork, hard work ethic, dealing with adversity and success, communication, ethics, loyalty etc.) She will create an atmosphere where parents, players, and coaches are able to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the game of volleyball. An environment where parents, players, and coaches aspire to conduct themselves in a manner that respects themselves, their families, their coaches, their teammates, and the sport.

"Players on a team, working together, can accomplish greater true success than as individuals." She will not define success by championships or trophies, success will be achieved by our athletes and team as they improve and grow over time.

Jodie is a Senior Investment Review Analyst, for Pacific Premier Trust and former teacher in Adams 12. Aside from Coaching, She loves to Bake, Craft, Camp, travel, watch football and hang out with Her Boyfriend Glenn, family, friends and puggle Brutus. 

Jodie is excited to be a part of building the foundation of Infinity Volleyball Club, and meeting all of you.

Tara Franck

Tara Franck

Assist Coach 15-1/ CYL 8th assistant coach/ developmental coach

About Tara

Tara started playing volleyball at the age of 11 and hasn't stopped.  She played in high school, 1 year in college for the intramural team, and 2 years of USAV (club) in the Mid-Atlantic Region as libero. 

She has coached JV volleyball 2 years in Virginia and coached club here in Colorado for 3 years. She has coached basketball and volleyball at the Adams County YMCA for 5 years, coached volleyball, basketball, and soccer at the Brighton Recreation Center, and now coaches Youth League for Infinity VBC.  She also referees basketball and volleyball at the Adams County YMCA on the side along with coaching a 14's club team this season.

Tara has been an Executive Assistant with the Colorado Department of Human Services for 10 years and with the State of Colorado for 14 years. 

She lives in Hudson with her husband of 14 years, daughter Alex (also a volleyball player), 3 dogs, and 2 guinea pigs.

Tara enjoys playing volleyball (although she coaches more than she plays these days), camping, hiking, walking our dogs, swimming, extreme sports, traveling, and hanging out on a volleyball court with friends.

Jessica Dean

Jessica Dean

Head Coach 14-1/CYL 8th head coach

About Jess

Coach Jess has loved volleyball for about as long as she can remember. She grew up going to watch her mom play in women's leagues, and began playing as young as 5th grade. She played through middle school and high school, and loved her time on the court. The skills, life lessons and memories made in volleyball have lasted a lifetime. 

After graduating high school, she chose to not play in college and rather focus on her goal of becoming a teacher. While in college, she began her coaching career. With more than 15 years of coaching experience, combined with her love of teaching, she truly enjoys instilling a love of the game in young athletes. She has coached players from 7 - 18 years old and has experience at all levels of the game. 

She is excited to join the Infinity family and bring a love of volleyball to the north metro area.

Jillian Diana

Jillian Diana

Assistant Coach 14-1

About Jillian

Jillian has been playing volleyball for 8 years; starting in middle school playing pick up games after school with friends. After her love for the sport evolved, she decided to try out for the Mountain Range High Schools volleyball team and made the team her freshman year as a libero. She then went on to play 2 more years in high school before suffering an injury and being out for the season of her Senior year on the varsity team. 

From Freshman-Junior year Jillian was also receiving private lessons at several different volleyball clubs and was on the Flex and Surge volleyball club teams as captain for all 3 years. After continuing to heal from her injury and working through college Jillian plays 4x4 sand leagues and plays in the VOTR tournaments whenever she gets the opportunity. She also has a private league with friends on the weekends to help practice and improve their skills when competing.

Jillian is confident in inspiring others to have an excellent experience in playing volleyball and is honored and can't wait to be coaching this coming season with Infinity.

Todd Branson

Todd Branson

Head Coach 13-2

About Todd

Todd has had a love for volleyball since the ‘80’s. He played and started on his base team in the US Air Force as an OH/DS that traveled throughout England. Todd also took 3rd in a sanctioned USAF 2-man volleyball tournament. His life has been around sports in one way or another.

Then came his daughter who wanted to play club. Todd promised her that he would learn and be able to teach her every aspect of the game. That involved studying the great coaches in the game from the college, Olympic and club ranks. Watching many hours of teaching video, and games from College, Olympic and club, etc. which then got Todd into coaching.

Aside from volleyball, Todd loves the Florida Gators, watching and playing golf but above all, time with his wife Kristy of 25 years, their 15 year old daughter and their dog, Reese (named after Kristy’s favorite candy bar).

I look forward to the journey with Infinity VBC and bringing out the best in the players I have the fortune and honor to coach.

Kaneisha Cannon

Kaneisha Cannon

Assistant Coach 13-2/ CYL 6th assistant coach

About Kaneisha

Coach Kaneisha has loved volleyball since she discovered it in Middle School. As a Colorado native she played the game during school at both Huron Middle and Northglenn High Schools and played for Five Star Volleyball Club during the off season.

While attending college at Colorado State University (CSU) she decided not to pursue playing volleyball for the university and focus on her degree in Computer Information Systems and would play just for fun at the local rec centers with friends.

Once her daughter expressed an interest in playing volleyball, she was on board, and got her started with Infinity VBC developmental clinics. Realizing how much she missed the game she then decided to join in by coaching youth development clinics. She is now continuing her coaching with the Colorado Youth League (CYL) and Club Seasons.  

This will be Kaneisha’s first year coaching. She is very enthusiastic about joining Infinity. She is excited to learn from the Infinity family all the details of coaching and share her experience for the love of volleyball with players and see them all grow into wonderful athletes! 

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